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fluidity 2.0

Welcome to Fluidity 2.0, The Starship.

This Maya Class has the duration of 8hrs and it was part of a weekend-workshop done in collaboration with Futurly.


Part one 4hrs

Beginners Level: Learn how to model the base of the Starship lowpoly model from polygon primitives. This process involves the use of the basic most important tools, tricks and techniques needed to design in Maya


Part two 4hrs

Intermediate Level: The Startship Lowpoly model will be your base to upgrade the lowpoly mesh resolution to a higher and more detailed one.

Interior spaces and the process of detailing require a new set of modelling techniques. In this part two you will learn how to complete a project fully from exterior to interior and a hint of detail in Maya.

JOIN ME and level up your Design-Game.

disclaimer: the link below will take you to the Futurly Fluidity Website where you can complete your purchase - you can also head to

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