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Welcome to The Live Academy Maya Classes.

All these Maya Classes were done for Live Wokshops with the collaboration of Live Academy. They are now fully available for purchase in the online teaching platform: Live Academy TV.

There are three separate Maya Classes at Live Academy:


Maya Class Beginners Level - 5hrs


Maya Class Intermediate Level - 5hrs


101 Maya Class - one airport in 1hr


Scroll down for an overview of each class.


I also recommend everyone to check out this platform, you have great software classes taught by outstanding designers from well-known offices.



maya class beginners level

This Maya Class is one of the very few beginners class for architects available online.

It starts from the basic tools in Maya and teaches you the main modelling technique for your first exercise:

the Sofa and bench sets

The following 2 exercises will teach you the basics to learn procedural modelling in maya - a step-by-step modelling process.

In these two exercises you will model the Field of Unit Based Columns and an original piece designed by me, The Peacock Column.

For the last part of the Beginners Class you will be introduced to an Intermediate level of modelling in maya, still procedural. The Stadium in your final exercise, an original piece that is much simpler than it looks since it gathers two of the main maya beginners technique: unit repetition and deformers. This exercise will take you one hour to complete.


maya class INTERMEDIATE level


This 5hr Class introduces you to the free modelling domain in Maya.

For the first Part of the class you will learn how to model from scratch based on a reference project. The project chosen for reference  is the Bogota project by ZHA. This project is usually a great model to learn how to master the Edge Loop domain in maya. 

It also teaches you how to control deformers and how to master one fundamental tool in Maya, the Bridging.

For the second part of the class you will learn how to model from scratch based on an abstract image. The image chosen is an abstract sculpture and the 3d maya model builds a cluster of towers based on its geometric principles. In this Part of the class you will be also introduced to Detailing Facades in Maya.



101 maya class

one airport in one hour

Welcome to the 101 Maya Class, the challenge of this class is to teach you how to model one airport in one hour. 

This airport takes as reference the Harbin Airport by MAD and develops a simplified version of the Snowflake.

 For its speed and technique level this class is classified as beginners / intermediate level.


I highly recommend this class if you want to have a quick taste of what Maya 3d modelling is about. 

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