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Mykonos Private Villa

Project type

Hyperloop Desert Campus






Lead Designer

Public and Private Infrastructure

Learning Center; Research Labs; Office Spaces; Private Apartments with gymnasium, pool and wellness center; Multi-Level Museum with a 1:1 Hyperloop Prototype; 5 Star Restaurant and Observatorium

Short Description

The Hyperloop Desert Campus is a Research Lab, Museum, and Learning center in the Mojave Desert, seamlessly integrating technology with the desert's natural identity. Four circular courtyards introduce greenery and self-sustainable networks, with palm trees symbolizing oases. Visitors and workers explore a fluid journey through natural and digital spaces, blurring the line between public and private areas.
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The Hyperloop Desert Campus is a Research Lab, Museum and Learning center for the Hyperloop Technology located in the Mojave Desert. The Hyperloop technology aims to rewrite the means of transportation in ways that are energy, time, budget and ecologically friendly and sustainable and the Hyperloop Desert Campus building aims the same integration in nature and tech, seemlessly combining technology and the natural identity of Nevada.

This architectural project focuses on resilience, emphasizing self-sufficiency, resource efficiency, and sustainability. Solar panels provide electrical energy, rainwater collection and recycling systems support water distribution, and the design promotes passive ventilation and inclusive access. The multi-nodal pattern and integrated design system enhance adaptability and diversity, ensuring the building's longevity.

The four courtyards in the Nevada desert introduce greenery, encircled by tall palm trees symbolizing unique oases, driving the Hyperloop Campus. The building design spirals up, inspired by speed, with large looping corridors around the oases, resembling complex highways. It houses various programs, including a multi-level museum, classrooms, offices, labs, a hyperloop prototype display, an observatory, amphitheater, public arenas, a 5-star restaurant, private apartments, gym, pool, and wellness center. Visitors and workers experience a fluid journey through natural and digital spaces, transitioning between public and private spheres

Project Architects:
Mariana Cabugueira
Begum Aydinoglu
Juan Carlos Naranjo

Lina Celis, Left Angle Partnership, Pada Labs

Renders by:
Metrica Visuals

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